“If Only” Redux

Hello, Friends. Aunt Alex is back from some more time at the front lines. And may I say you’re all looking very strong and radiant today?

There are some very happening things out there, but what I want to share today is some profound wisdom stolen from Twitter:

“Rhinos are just fat unicorns. If we’d give them the time and attention they deserve, as well as a diet: They’d reveal their majestic ways.”

Hallelujan! Someone else noticed the beauty and potential of our friends the rhinos, if only they had a little cleaning up, a little nurturing, and a lot of real, wholesome love!

So, this is for all of you who are investing time and love in a narcissist, knowing he will change. (And Aunt Alex hopes there are a very many of you, because, as you know, if you’re distracting him then that helps keep him away from the rest of us.) I’d like all of you to go out and get yourself a rhino, and bring him home. No, I don’t care where you get the rhino. No, I have no suggestions on how to get him into your trunk to take him home. But once you get that rhino-soon-to-be-unicorn to your place, clean him up, tolerate his toilet habits, social difficulties and utter inability to learn ANYTHING, and love love love him, and you can bet your sweet life he’ll turn into a unicorn.

Note: Yes, it’s a bet you’ll lose. But it’s a whole lot easier on your psyche than trying to do the same exact thing with a narcissist. And the rhino-soon-to-be-unicorn is a whole lot smarter, a better parent and partner, and makes more sense when he talks.



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3 responses to ““If Only” Redux

  1. LOL!!!!!! Wow, that’s all LOL!!!!

  2. RR

    Oh my gosh that’s so spot on, again! I saw my ex N just yesterday.(no not back with him, saw him publicly) He’s put on a LOT of weight, in a very short time. Must weigh almost as much as a rhino. But the rhino would have much more interesting conversation.

  3. e

    Awesome. Once you realize the N will never be a prince, they kind of become like a joke. Everything they say and do becomes ridiculous, and you know you can never reach them. You want to say cut the crap, but the crap is their whole persona. They wouldn’t know what to do once they cut the crap. Alex, I was so glad to see your new post. It’s a bright spot in the day.

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