Sitting on the doorknob, acting like he owns the place, waiting for someone to come along and let him in.  Isn’t that just like a toad?

(I’m not making this up.  There was a toad on Aunt Alex’s doorknob.  I took him and gently put him down in the garden.  I didn’t do what I want you to do when a toad shows up at your door, Friends, which is call the cops and ask for a restraining order.)

(Actually, it’s a frog.  But Aunt Alex is exercising her blog-given right to be a drama queen.)




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2 responses to “Honestly.

  1. Love this …
    I love the way, you can bring the smile through the tears …
    Everytime I read something you post, I feel healed.
    Love and Blessings.

  2. awake

    Plops their slimy reptile butts on anything that will open a door for them dont they? They sit their like some parasite and/or fungus waiting to spread their toxicity – This picture was hysterical – I will never look at a frog again as I once used to –

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