The Friday Five — June 1, 2012

This Week’s Friday Five: Five Ways to Get Rid of an Uninvited Narcissist Visitor

1. Tell him he looks fat in those pants.
2. Ask him if the reason he’s here is because he’s already bored everyone else to death.
3. Ask him if he has the money he owes you.
4. Tell him you’re glad he’s here, because the elderly lady down the road needs her lawn mowed. Call her in front of him, and tell her he offered.
5. Never, ever underestimate the beauty of mace.



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8 responses to “The Friday Five — June 1, 2012

  1. Eve

    6. Tell him the police came by looking for him and you have no idea what it was about.

  2. Christine

    Heeheehee! These are so delightfuly useful!

  3. Suzie

    Love your site…glad you are back. We I am 51 and wasted my 40s with a narc that I really did not get until the end. All along I knew something was not right but I always blamed myself. Long story short, he is just like all the others but 3 months before he discarded me he gave me herpes. I am your average catholic good girl and still have not recovered from it. It drove me to the point of wanting to truly die. I feel a little better now but still have not dated in 3 years…depressing..i am a nice looking women etc….
    so heres the narc response; ” i don’t give a f”…and NEVER cared at all what it did to me as I had many complications..i could have died from it and he NEVER ever wanted to know anything. It unfathomable to me that someone is so cruel, heartless and an empty shell……thanks for your site…God bless us al in recovery!

  4. Eve

    Yeah, I’m still in shock…I’m just realizing the brutal assault that my mind and heart experienced. I was with him 5 years, been alone now two. He wiped me out of all my money, ruined my relationship with my family, I even went to jail because of him……I never knew what a sociopath was till it was to late. I never had a chance, sociopaths are sick. They don’t play fair. LOVE YOUR SITE, it has helped me so much……

  5. Eve

    Please notify me of new posts!

  6. J

    Readding these always makes me smile and feel thankful to have got out!

    Suzie – wanted to let you know I have same situation… My ex gave me herpes too (and tried obviously to blame me for it) as he was sleeping with his “ex” while she had outbreaks and then with me (even on the same day). What a great guy.

    When I found out I was devastated, depressed and thought my life was over… Its been 18 months now since I first had an outbreak and have decided a healthy vitamin packed lifestyle is the way to prevent it taking hold (and leaves me in a happy place).

    I have just started dating a new guy a month ago and felt like a leper with this big secret and had no idea how to come clean, fearing rejection + hating that the N will have an impact in my life forever.

    So I told new guy – his response:

    “I don’t care, I love you and want to build a future with you – this could happen to anyone and isn’t a big deal. Whatever happened is in your past and whoever hurt you, just forget about him. I want to make you so happy.”

    Well, couldn’t have been more surprised + pleased. Felt like a massive weight had been lifted + has brought a new level of closeness between us.

    So please, I urge you to date + find happiness for yourself. Have those conversations when the time is right (not first date, obviously) – its nowhere near as bad as you think!

    Take care, J x

  7. Ann

    Hahaha! I like the first one most. My N would fly off the handle if anyone said that to him!
    And thanks Eve, i’ll remember that last one too. My N gets into a lot of trouble because he likes bashing people who can’t defend themselves. Like mentally ill, drug addicted, alchoholics. Sick, makes him feel real good is my guess. Helps them out and if they say or do anything wrong ( according to him of course), BOOM.

  8. HAH! I love this post! The first one is my fave! Look forward to reading more 🙂

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